Reasons why sex is great for your anxiety

At some point in our life, we experience anxiety. Anxiety is an intense and persistent feeling of fear, worry and uneasiness about everyday situations. While this feeling is normal, one should not ignore when anxiety disorder is repeatedly occurring, especially when it is already affecting your overall wellbeing. Severe anxiety can cause many health problems including heart attack, high blood pressure, and worse, death.

Sex As Anxiety Treatment

What’s the more effective way to treat anxiety? Research shows that aside from having a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food, having an orgasm, emotional bond with a partner and doing any sexual acts can help in treating anxiety including lack of sleep, headache and depression. It helps by enabling the body to release endorphins and oxytocin, two powerful chemicals that provide a sense of clarity and calmness.

Here are 5 proven reasons why having sex is good not only for your anxiety, but for your overall health;

It provides mental and emotional balance

Mental and emotional health are both essential to your overall wellbeing since they control your thoughts, behavior and feelings. When you’re not emotionally or mentally stable, you experience a range of moods, become unproductive and unable to complete daily activities. After sex, the brain releases endorphins which help in reducing stress, therefore keep you mentally and emotionally focused.

It Makes You Beautiful

During sex, the heart rate, blood circulation and estrogen level increases, giving your skin a radiant glow. Additionally, as you move and sweat while having sex, you are cleansing your skin pores which reduce the risk of dermatitis. Other beauty benefits of sex include minimizing the appearance of cellulite, hydrate your skin and fights off wrinkles.

Helps You Forget About Your Problems

Deep down, we all want to stay happy and forget about life issues like bills, work errands, relationship troubles, etc. etc. Sex definitely helps you forget your problems and develops your intimacy. A study revealed that couples who do regular sexy time are more happy and contented with their relationship.

It Gives You Complete Relaxation

Sexual activity relaxes your internal system and when you reach the climax, you will experience complete relaxation. That’s because the same chemicals that help your mental, emotional and physical state can also relax your mind and body.

It Lift Up Your Mood

As your brain releases endorphins after an intercourse, your mood automatically boosted, helping you to control your anxiety regardless of the situation. A good, intimate sex leaves you feeling a little more optimistic, empowered and confident.

Sexual activity, whether you do it alone or with a partner, may be the perfect cocktail for an anxiety-free life. Hugging, kissing or by simply sitting next to someone you love enables the body to produce positive and pleasurable chemicals triggering self-satisfaction and happiness. Also, an intimate sexual routine brings you and your partner closer together, while helping you cope up with anxiety. So when you’re feeling down, have sex. Not just a typical sex, but an intimate one.

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